Executive Protection Transporation Service Tucson AZ

Executive Protection

Executive Protection


  • Former Homeland Security Officer
  • Security Drivers are experienced in executive protection and evasive defensive driving techniques
  • Premier maintains a fleet of executive SUVs and sedans
  • Advance route planning (for destinations, hospitals, emergency egress)


  • Conceal weapons permit 
  • Coordination with local law enforcement, security and emergency services
  • Intelligence and information gathering regarding the event, 
  • participants, risks, etc.
  • Walk-thrus and site set-ups 
  • Planned interaction with media and public for photo ops, presentations, etc.

We also provide customized services for any situation, and just speaking with our team will allow you to rest easy knowing that everything is secure. Whether you're going on a relaxing trip and need to know that you're protected or are planning a business trip and need additional security, we begin with meticulous planning and follow through to spot on execution to make sure that all of your individual needs are met completely.

While transportation is important, you can't overlook what added security measures can offer to any scenario. If you have need for it, it's relaxing to know that our team is on standby for your next trip.

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